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Our company has been serving its valuable customers in machining and assembled products since 1964. In the Automotive, White Goods, Defense Industry and Agricultural Equipment sectors, it manufactures products for the automotive spare parts market, as well as product shipments to OEM's main production line. Our company, which takes the principle of project-based work, has the duty to produce the products requested by our customers in the desired quality, on time and at reasonable prices. It supplies the raw materials required for the demanded products from its valuable suppliers that it has been working with for many years. Our company, which continues works with its 32 CNC machines in its factory with an area of 3.000 m² in Esenyurt, has produced over 500.000 pieces in 2019.


We realize high quality production for all our projects with our 55 years of experience and unique quality stages.
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Our Production Areas and Products.


Machining (production); It is the process of giving the desired geometric shape by removing the sawdust of different shapes and sizes on the piece by taking the technical drawing of a designed workpiece designed in accordance with the standards. This shaping process should be done through suitable tools and benches. There are different types of this production, which is made by removing the sawdust from the material through the tension created by providing the relative movement of the tools and (or) the workpiece used in the machining.


In projects involving engineering and design, experts from more than one field need to work together simultaneously. In our company, each project is carried out with our experienced engineers and expert personnel, and efficient results are obtained with the support of consultants.


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